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Parent. Breathe. Repeat. - Downloadable PDF

Parent. Breathe. Repeat. - Downloadable PDF

Every mother's journey is marked with moments of elation, but often, lurking in the shadows are the overwhelming waves of Emotional Dysregulation, or 'Mom Rage'. In "Parent. Breathe. Repeat.", mothers are led through a transformative exploration that likens their emotional challenges to the ascent of a rugged peak. Each foothold—be it sleep deprivation, constant demands, or the draining echoes of overstimulation—propels them upwards. Yet, on reaching the summit, many find themselves lashing out and then facing a downward spiral into valleys of guilt, shame, and regret.


Dr. Jessica Kaffer, PsyD, PMH-C, a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in perinatal mental health and trauma treatment, seamlessly blends professional insight with personal experience. As a mother of three, she understands the daily hurdles, creating a narrative that's both relatable and rooted in expertise.


Adopting a tone that's simultaneously self-help oriented and inspirational, this workbook offers more than just understanding; it's a lifeline. With evocative visualizations, intuitive comparisons, and actionable strategies, readers are guided toward regaining their footing in parenthood and mastering their emotional responses. The ultimate promise? A revitalized sense of self where mothers no longer feel at the mercy of their emotions but are empowered to create harmonious spaces for themselves and their children.


At its core, "Parent. Breathe. Repeat." is a beacon of hope, a testament to the strength of motherhood, and a reassuring hand reminding every reader: You are not alone.

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