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Therapeutic Services

Hey, I see you...

You do not have to be sick,
to feel better.

Deciding to receive therapy can feel scary for some. Meeting a new person and divulging personal information can make you feel vulnerable and exposed.  Creating a safe space, where the patient feels comfortable and at ease is our  top priority! 


What to expect:

Much like when you first meet someone in a non-professional setting, our initially meeting will be about getting to know each other and making sure it is a good fit! Being comfortable with your therapist is a good indicator for the effectiveness of treatment. The initial meeting or intake is used to gather a comprehensive history so the clinician can better understand the patient and begin to form an idea of what the course of treatment may look like. This is also a good time for the patient to gauge how they feel about the clinician.


Subsequent sessions will include psychoeducation, therapeutic processes, and interventions based on the patients overall goals for therapy. 


Currently all of our sessions are virtual and can be done in the comfort of your own home!

Cost: $135-$300

(Depending on credentials and skill level of your clinician)

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

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