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Virtual Support Group  

FREE virtual support groups for moms in early motherhood (pregnancy, postpartum, and moms of littles). This is a no commitment, no expectations mom group filled with love and support. No need to find a quiet space. Come as you are, when you can, and bring those littles along! 

We cover topics relevant to pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.Want to become a member of My Tribe? Great! Just submit your email. Once a week you'll receive a My Tribe newsletter, with the zoom link and any updates that may be going on in My Tribe. Come as you are, when you can, and bring those littles along!

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Group meets every Tuesday
at 10:30am (Arizona Time)

Holding Hands

Starts July 13th, 2022

Always a Mother

Miscarriage/Grief Support Group 

One in eight women will experience a pregnancy loss. It happens so commonly that many OB's have become desensitized to the fact that the woman in front of them has just experienced a significant life event. Miscarriage is more than a loss; it often leaves the mom with unwarranted guilt and shame. It can take a toll on relationships and cause the mom to isolate. 


This virtual 8 week, therapeutic grief group will help you process through your loss in the comfort of your own home while being guided by an amazing group lead, Amanda. Too many women suffer in silence from this all too common occurrence but no one should have to walk the path of loss alone. Come as you are, and we will meet you where you’re at.

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Group meets Wednesday from
11:00am to 12:30pm (Arizona Time)
$15 per group for 8 weeks
$120 total

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